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New Zenith Mirror 90-degree  mirror diagonal 31.7mm for 1.25Ó Eyepiece


For astronomical use, this diagonal produces an image that's right-side-up, reversed left to right Fully coated prisms for superior image fidelity Accepts 1.25" telescope eyepieces Makes it easier to navigate the night skies with a telescope Useful for refractor and Cassegrain telescopes - not recommended for reflectors 



 Brand new and high quality Body 

material: Plastic and Metal Adapter

 telescope: Refractor telescopes 

Adapter eyepiece: 1.25" 

Refraction angle: 90-Degree 

Lens: Glass 

Net Weight: 109g

New Zenith Mirror 90-degree mirror diagonal 31.7mm for 1.25Ó Eyepiece


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