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Binoculars will bring the world and universe closer and larger, visually enhancing a vast array of activities. Stargazing, birding, sporting events and boating are all enhanced with a binocular or monocular.

General Use
General use terrestrial binoculars work well for most all daytime viewing. Perhaps not designed specifically for one type of viewing, but overall will work well if you want a general purpose binocular to cover a range of viewing needs.

For astronomy, light grasp is the most important factor; binoculars we recommend for stargazing will have at least 50mm of aperture.

The most popular sizes for birdwatching are around 8x42. They are small and nimble, offer steady views and have sufficient light grasp to provide bright, well-resolved images. If you plan to study birds up close the close focus specification will also be an important feature.

If you hike or travel a lot you will want binoculars that are compact and lightweight, perhaps weatherproof as well. Small size and portability will be key.

Spectator sports will require a wide field of view to take in all of the action and be steady in the hands.

Binoculars for theatre and concerts should be discreet and compact enough to fit in a pocket or purse.

Study the Sun safely with a combination of solar filters and a pair of binoculars.

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Select this option if you would prefer to step through binocular specifications and features to find the model that will meet your specific needs.

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