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Kson 8×50 Finder

This Kson finder will enable you to center the telescope properly on the target to be observed.  You will be impressed with the thought, quality and care that Kson put into this finder.


  • x8 Magnification
  • 50mm aperture (baffling at the end)
  • Two rings, six screws (Old School style), practically sized thumb screws make it easy to adjust.  The screws are padded to prevent marking of the optical tube.
  • The finder’s position is adjustable – really.  After being mounted, you can slide it forward and backward!
  • Coated Optics (coating quality is excellent)
  • The 25mm fully coated reticled eyepiece features a small comfortable eyecup and astrometrics (this is rather special).

Includes : 20mm Reticle Eyepiece (detachable / replaceable with hex).

Superb, coated optics on optical glass, an actual metal finder, metal rings and metal foot.

It also comes with a very high transmission reticled Kellner to make precision targeting simple.

Kson 8×50 Finder with High Transmission Reticled Eyepiece, Quality Bracket, Ring

SKU: 8x50

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