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Lens cleaner 30ml x1

Air blower x1

Lens cleaning pen x1

Microfibre cleaning cloth x1Cleaner FluidThe first item included in the kit is a 100ml bottle of Viking lens cleaner fluid. This fluid contains water, alcohol and specialist surfactant enzymes which all work together to break down and emulsify films, dirt, grime as well as any other foreign contaminate that may have built up on a lens or glass surface. The cleaning fluid should last for several hundred generous applications. (We would never recommend spraying the fluid directly onto your intended surface but instead spray it onto the supplied cloth first and then apply. We do not recommend the use of this cleaning fluid on LCD screens.)Micro Fibre Cleaning ClothThe second included item is the Viking micro fibre cleaning cloth. The cloth is made from a micro fibre material which allows it to be rough enough to help break away the emulsified liquid (when used in conjunction with cleaning fluid) but at the same time smooth enough to wipe away smudges and grease, without harming a glass surface. The cleaning cloth is a medium size (20cm x 20cm).Cleaning BrushThe third included item is a cleaning brush. This item is designed to help you gently remove larger and more stubborn foreign objects such as grit or dust particles from the chosen surface before you apply any fluid. The cleaning brush head is made from ultra soft and lightweight synthetic bristles, which are also retractable meaning it they can be kept protected and clean when not in use.UsesThis Viking lens cleaning kit has endless application, although it is ideally suited for the cleaning and maintenance of any camera, binocular or general lens surface. It could also be used to clean the screen area on smart phones, tablets as well as any other screen that has a glass cover.A case with velcro fastening is included.

Viking Lens Cleaning Kit


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