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A high-quality Dobsonian telescope with parabolic quality optics with 250 mm 10-inch aperture. GSO Dobsonians have mirrors in the upper quality range and convince with a low price. This telescope is ideal for deep sky observation.

For many astronomers, the deep sky begins observing only from 10 "opening. In fact, many objects reveal until this opening its true structure. Nevertheless, the telescope is still easy to transport and also in the back seat of cars.

♦ High-quality parabolic quality optics with 250mm Aperture and 1250mm focal length.

♦ 94% mirror coating for a brighter, high-contrast image.

♦ Exact 2 "Crayford focuser for precise focusing - with reduction to 1.25".

♦ Stable metal tube and adjustable mirror mounts for an optimal image even after many years.

♦ Good expandability even for Astrophotography

♦ Active main mirror ventilation accelerates the temperature adaptation of the telescope.

  • Technical Specifications

    Optics :Parabolic primary mirror made of BK7
    Opening :250 mm - 10 "
    Focal length :1250 mm
    Focal ratio :f / 5
    Secondary mirror diameter :64 mm
    Shadowing by the secondary mirror :25.6% linear
    Adjustment aid :Center mark on the main mirror
    Focuser :2 "Crayford pull-out with ring clamp and adapter to 1.25"
    Tube :Metal tube with reinforcement rings
    Tube weight :12.2 kg
    Tube length :1210 mm
    Tube diameter :305 mm
    Rockerbox weight :12.2 kg
    Rockerbox dimensions :Height 640 mm / diameter 540 mm
    Storage :Height with spring preload / azimuth with ball bearings
  • In The Box

    ♦ GSO Dobsonian telescope
    ♦ Rockerbox - azimuthal mount
    ♦ Fan with battery holder 
    ♦ 8x50 viewfinder with achromatic optics
    ♦ 25 mm 1.25 "Super Plössl eyepiece
    ♦ 2" 35 mm extension tube 
    ♦ Adjustment and assembly instructions

GSO 10 inch DOB Telescope (Silver)

SKU: GSO 10 inch DOB Telescope (Silver)

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