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Bresser skybox Refractor Telescope NG 70/700-Standard model.

Deluxe model has moon filter, mobile adapter and padded bag


Observing the stars like a professional - very easy with the refractor telescope 70/700 NG. The SkyLux refractor telescope with a 70mm aperture can show many details in celestial objects. The box is a complete system for the exploration of the wonders of the universe, consisting of telescope, NG mount, slow motion gearing knobs, tripod and all accessories needed. The mount can not only swing the telescope left / right and up / down, it can also be used in a so-called equatorial mode, as scientists do in their observatories. An additional finder scope mounted on the telescope is useful for locating celestial objects. With the erecting lens during the day many exciting things in the environment can also be seen. With the height-adjustable tripod, the telescope can each be brought to an optimal height for large or small observers. The supplied diagonal ensures acomfortable viewing.

ApplicationAt night the moon and planets may like Saturn and Jupiter can be explored. But thanks to the 70 mm wide aperture of the telescope also many celestial objects outside our solar system are within the reach of this telescope. This scope is ideal for young and old stargazers. The included erecting prism provides a true sided and upright image during the day.  Special FeaturesMounting with wedge: At first glance, the NG mount for the refractor telescope 70/700NG is a very ordinary azimuth mount: an axis for left / right and one for up / down, as weknow it from normal camera tripods. This mode makes sense especially with observationsduring the day. With the built-in wedge it can be tilted, so the whole mount can be converted to an equatorial mount for astronomy with a single operation. For use of the equatorial mount an axis is aligned with the North Star. When tracking a celestial object only a single axis needs to be moved, which clearly is a relief compared to tracking an object on the night sky with mounts that only have left / right and up / down axis.



Article Name 700x70 Refractor Junior

Optical Design

lense telescope, achromat doublet

Objectiv lens diam.


Focal Length, Focal Ratio

700mm, F10

Resolving Power in arc seconds


Limiting Visual Stellar Magnitude (approx.)

11.0 mag

Recommended Maximum visual power 140

View Finder Scope 6x25

Standard Eyepiece(s)

K-20mm, K-12mm and K-4 mm

Magnifaction with eyepiece 35x, 58.3x, 175

Diagonal 45 degree Erect Image Diagonal

Telescope Mounting

Aluminium tripod with equatorial NG-mount and pole height cradle

Shipping carton weight 5.5 Kg

Shipping carton dimension 87 x 30   x 17 cm3

BRESSER SkyLux 700x70 NG Refractor Telescope-standard mode