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Celestron CGX-L 1100 11" f/2.2 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt GoTo EQ Astrograph

Celestron 11" f/2.2 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (OTA only)

42mm T-Adapter

48mm Camera Adapter

Limited 1-Year Warranty

Celestron CGX-L GoTo EQ Mount with Tripod

Celestron NexStar+ Hand Control (EQ)

Celestron CGE PRO Counterweight - 22 lb

CGX-L Equatorial Head

Stainless Steel Tripod

Accessory Tray

Counterweight Shaft

8mm Allen Wrench

3 x 8mm Hex-Head Screw

Hand Control Holster

12 VDC Car/Vehicle Power Adapter

he 11" f/2.2 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph from Celestron is specifically designed for astrophotography and astroimaging with a large 11" aperture and fast f/2.2 focal ratio. The optical tube assembly (OTA) is being offered by itself without a mount and comes with a Celestron CGEM-style dovetail plate for use on compatible mounts and tripods. Using 4-element rare-earth optical glass lenses ensures accurate color rendition and eliminates aberrations such as coma and field curvatures. The improved StarBright XLT multi-coating system, which includes anti-reflection coatings on the lenses and highly reflective coatings on the mirrors, increases light transmission throughout the entire optical path. A 12V MagLev fan reduces cooldown time and provides optimal airflow through the optical tube while filtering harmful dust from the interior.

The 43.3mm imaging circle is made to cover today's large DSLR and CCD imaging sensors to capture full-frame shots without vignetting, while a fast focal ratio reduces exposure times without sacrificing image quality and gives the user more time for multiple shots of the same object for layering or with different filters. A custom-designed FeatherTouch micro focus system has a 10:1 reducer with linear brass focuser bearing to enable very precise focusing to clearly resolve topographic details on the Moon or split double stars and reveal details of most other celestial objects in between. Since this OTA is designed as an imaging scope, a 42mm T-thread camera adapter and 48mm camera adapter are provided. Other adapters are available if required.

Optical Performance

11"-diameter aperture

620mm focal length

Fast f/2.2 focal ratio

Proprietary StarBright XLT fully multi-coated optical system

4-element rare-earth glass for true color rendition without aberrations across the entire field of view

43.3mm image circle captures pinpoint stars on today's large CCD and DSLR imaging chips

Resolution: 0.5 arcsec (Rayleigh), 0.41 arcsec (Dawes)

StarBright XLT Coating System

Multi-layer mirror coatings made from layers of aluminum, SiO2 (silicon dioxide), and TiO2 (titanium dioxide)

Reflectivity is flat across the light spectrum, for both astrophotography/astroimaging and visual observation

Multi-layer anti-reflective coatings made from layers of MgF2 (magnesium fluoride) and HfO2 (hafnium dioxide)

High-transmission water white glass corrector lens with 97.4% light transmission


Linear brass focuser bearing reduces image shift

Dual-speed 10:1 FeatherTouch micro focus knob provides precise focusing

Construction Details

42mm T-thread and M48 camera adapters included for attachment to CCD and DSLR cameras

Heavy duty CGEM dovetail plate

12 VDC MagLev fan reduces cooldown time, provides airflow, and filters dust

UPC: 050234910750

Celestron CGX-L GoTo EQ Mount with Tripod


Celestron CGX-L 1100 11" f/2.2 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt GoTo EQ Astrograph