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Meade EclipseView 82mm f/3.7 AZ Reflector Telescope with Solar Filter


SAFETY FIRST: Observing the Sun without the proper protection may result in serious personal injury, including permanent eye damage and blindness, and/or damage to equipment. Never point an optic at the sun without an approved solar filter on the front of the optic. For direct solar viewing, viewing the sun through an optic, or when using cameras with an optical viewfinder, ensure your filter is ISO 12312-2 (also written as ISO 12312-2:2015) certified. Never use photographic neutral density filters for direct solar viewing, viewing the sun through an optic, or when using cameras with an optical viewfinder.


Key Features


  • Removable White-Light Solar Filter
  • 82mm Newtonian Reflector OTA
  • 300mm Focal Length, f/3.7 Focal Ratio
  • Manual Alt-Azimuth Mount
  • 1.25" Rack-and-Pinion Focuser
  • 9mm and 26mm Eyepieces
  • 2x Barlow Lens
  • Nighttime and Solar Finderscopes
  • 360° Swivel Tabletop Base

Designed and engineered for portability and versatility, the Meade Instruments EclipseView 82mm f/3.7 AZ Reflector Telescope can be used for conventional nighttime viewing or, with the simple installation of the included filter, solar observation. The full-spectrum white light filter fits on the front of the optical tube (OTA) and allows for safe viewing of sunspots, granulations, planetary transits, and all phases of solar eclipses. With the filter removed, the EclipseView can be used to view celestial subjects such as the Moon, planets, comets, and meteor showers.

To find subjects fast, and to make star-hopping navigation faster, Meade includes a wide-field red-dot finder; and for safe centering of the Sun in the field of view, they also provide a Sun-Finder finderscope. The OTA is attached to a manual single-arm alt-azimuth, tabletop base that smoothly swivels a full 360° to allow viewing from horizon to horizon in any direction. To get users viewing right out of the box, Meade provides two eyepieces that produce low and high magnifications, and a Barlow lens that effectively doubles the magnification of any eyepiece installed in it without sacrificing eye relief.

Optical Tube

Removable white-light solar filter to convert from conventional nighttime viewing to safe solar observation

82mm aperture

f/3.7 focal ratio

300mm focal length

Max resolution: <1 arc sec

Sturdy rack-and-pinion focuser

1.25" drawtube accepts the most popular eyepiece and accessory size

Mount and Tripod


Manual alt-azimuth

Lightweight single-arm design


Portable tabletop

Swivels 360° for viewing from horizon to horizon in all directions

Slip-resistant vibration-dampening rubber feet

Included Accessories

Solar filter:

Broad-band full-spectrum white light

Fits over objective lens without tools

Remove to use the scope for conventional nighttime use

Install to use scope for solar viewing


1.25" barrel diameter

Accepts most 1.25" astronomical filters

26mm produces 11.5x magnification

9mm yields 33x power

Barlow lens:

2x magnification doubles the power of any eyepiece installed

Increases magnification of eyepiece without affecting eye relief

Accepts most 1.25" eyepieces and accessories


Wide-field red-dot finder for nighttime use

Sun-Finder solar finderscope for safe telescope positioning during solar observations

Meade EclipseView 82mm f/3.7 AZ Reflector Telescope with Solar Filter