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Maxvision 10-inch parabolic Dobsonian 254mm Astronomical reflector Telescope for deep sky and stars gazing. Maxvision is same company as bresser/explorescientific


Name: 10-inch dobsonian astronomical telescope

Optics: Parabolic Newtonian reflection
Caliber: 254mm
Focal length: 1270mm
Focus ratio: F5
Coating: Multi-layer high-precision aluminum film + silicon dioxide protective film
Limit magnitude: 13.79 magnitude
Resolution: 0.47 arc seconds
Concentrating power: 1317 times
Effective maximum magnification: 635 times
Focusing: 2-inch geared focusing, with 2-inch to 1.25-inch interface
Finder Mirror: Red Dot Finder
Eyepiece: 1.25 inches PL10mm/PL25mm (127 times/51 times)
Bench: Wooden floor type Dobson bench
Shipping weight: 33 kg
Use weight: 28 kg
Package size 1 Primary lens: 1330x430x350 (mm)
Packing size 2 pedestals: 730x630x20 (mm)
Telescope size length, width and height: 1200x560x870 (mm)

Maxvision (bresser)10-inch parabolic Dobsonian 254mm Astronomical reflector Tele


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