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Achromat Refractor 80mm -500mm portable backpack telescope with 3x barlow (Grab & Go Telescope) both for terrestrial and night astronomy-gives erect image


If you have never used a telescope and do not know where to start, the land view 80-500mm is your best choice. It can be used for both astronomical and terrestrial observations. It is mounted on an steel tripod with pan head. It's easy use up and down, left and right movement, makes tracking objects easy with its alt-azimuth camera mount. The camera tripod features a 2-section legs with very compact size, fully adjustable, pre-assembled steel tripod with carrying bag. 

The optical tube assembly features a 500mm focal length. The objective lens is an 80mm two elements achromatic (color correct crown & flint) objective lens with fully coating. The tube itself is aluminum, painted flat black internally, and fully baffled for excellent visual and CCD imaging. The optical tube assembly is diffraction limited at λ/4 (1/4 wave in Sodium light). The diagonal consists of polished erecting prism which ensures good image in the meantime erect image. The finderscope is a 5x20 optical Finder which help you by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects day and night. Included  are a Kellner 20mm and kellner 10mm eyepiece as well as a 3x  Achromatic Barlow, as a upgrade kit.

The  telescope allows you to see the lunar craters, sunspots, atmospheric flows of Jupiter and its four largest moons, phases of Venus, rings of Saturn, and binary stars with a separation of 1.45 arc seconds between their distance, dim 11 magnitude stars, and even the bright nebulae and other galaxies.


Product Name

AZ50080 Astronomical Telescope



Optical design



80mm (2.75 inch)

Focal length

500mm (15.7 inch)


K25mm, K9MM

Barlow lens


Finder scope

5 X20


45 ° erect prism diagonal


≤ 3.1

Viewing angle

2 ° 24


Aluminum alloy tripod





Box Dimension

520X140X250 mm

Landview Achromat Refractor 80mm -500mm portable backpack telescope with 3x barl


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