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Kson 80mm 720 mm astronomical refractor telescope with tracker mount bag, with barlow ,moon filter with free mobile camera adapter to take pictures from your mobile 


The kson 80-720mm TR telescope is mounted on  new Tracker altitude/azimuth mount. It's easy use up and down, left and right movement is great for beginners and casual star gazers alike. The Tracker mount features simultaneous slow motion altitude and azimuth adjustment enabling precision micro vertical and horizontal manual tracking and rests on top of sons sturdy, fully adjustable, pre-assembled metal tripod. The tripod also features an accessory tray with slots to place 4 1¼" eyepieces or lenses and retractable rubber feet.

The kson 80-720mm TR  utilizes a 80mm two element achromat (color correct crown & flint) fully multi-coated air spaced objective lens. The optical tube assembly features an 7200mm focal length and the tube itself is aluminum, painted flat black internally, and fully baffled for excellent visual and CCD imaging. The finder is Cassini's Red Dot Mars-Eye Electronic Finder which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects. Included with the 80-720mm TR  are a 1¼" 10mm kellner eyepiece, a 1¼" 25mm Astroscopic Eyepiece, and a 2 element 3x Astroscopic Barlow. 


  • New kson TRACKER mount w/Slow Motion
    Vertical & Horizontal Manual Controls
  • 700mm x 80mm Optical Tube Assembly
  • Diffraction limited Optical Tube Assembly (?4)
  • Fully Adjustable Heavy Duty, Pre-assembled
    Metal Tripod w/Accessory Tray
  • Cassini Mars Eye Electronic Finderscope
  • 1¼" Helical Rack & Pinion Focusing
  • 1¼" 10mm kellner Eyepiece
  • 1¼" 25mm Astroscopic Eyepiece
  • 1¼" 3x 2-Element Astroscopic Barlow
  • Bag-padded to store and carry to darker sites for observations

Kson 80mm 720 mm astronomical refractor telescope with tracker mount bag, mobile


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