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Konus Spotting Scope Konuspot-100mm 20-60x100 Bak-4



  • 20x-60x zoom magnifications 
  • Swivel set screw rotates spotter for viewing on any surface 
  • Special eyepiece can be connected to any reflex camera 
  • Smart phone adapter provides viewing with phone 
  • Extendable sunshade removes glare 
  • Sport Type: Tactical & Military 
  • Included Components: Storage And Protection Case, Smart Phone Adapter, Camera Adapter

Konus arrived in the world of spotting scopes with the Konuspot-80, and also offers the Konuspot-100 for those who prefer the supreme imaging in low light that a 4" aperture scope provides.  Delivering a formidable combination of price, aperture, angled viewing & magnification range, it gives effective illumination in almost all lighting conditions.  Many people find the 45° angled viewing experience more comfortable for extended periods (particularly with birding).  Sharing a scope experience simultaneously between those of varying heights is easier with an angled scope as well, as the scope is set for the shorter observer and the taller one merely stoops over the scope just a bit more.

Konus Spotting Scope Konuspot-100mm 20-60x100 Bak-4Konus Spotting Scope Konuspot


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