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  OVERVIEW : Multi Coated Optics Maksutov-Cassegrain Optical Design Compact and Portable Design Erect Image System for Terrestrial and Astronomical Use Built-in T-Adapter threads for Ease of Adapting SLR Cameras Comes with 32 mm Eyepiece, 45° Erect Image Diagonal and 8x21 Erect Image Finderscope Backpack Made of Nylon   Product Description   Perfect for all Types of Viewing Situations! Celestron's C90 Mak is ideal for outdoor and wildlife observing, as well as hunting and celestial viewing. The Maksutov optical design is recognized for being a portable design that is easy to use and has a variety of applications, making it an excellent choice for both terrestrial and astronomical usage. This C90 Mak has excellent optics with razor sharp images over a wide field.     Celestron’s 52268 90mm Maksutov Spotting Scope delivers excellent high power optics in a compact, affordable package. The 52268 package includes a backpack style soft carrying case, an 8x21 erect image finder scope, a 1.25 inch size correct image 45* prism diagonal, and a fully coated 32mm plossl eyepiece for a magnification of 39X.  The Maksutov-Cassegrain design of the C90 uses a combination of mirrors and lenses; this “folded” optical system has a focal length of 1250mm in a body only twelve inches long. The Maksutov design delivers high power views without a trace of the chromatic aberration, also called blue fringing, that can distort high power views in competing refractor style spotting scopes. At 40X magnification where some low cost spotting scopes start to seem fuzzy, the C90 is just getting started. The C90 uses the same 1.25 inch eyepieces used in astronomical telescopes. The standard equipment 32mm plossl eyepiece yields a magnification of 39X, but many other eyepieces can be used to vary the magnification.    The Celestron model 52268 seems very well built, with excellent multi-coatings visible on the front lens. The real beauty of this 90mm Maksutov spotting scope, however, is in the view it offers. When I use an optional 12.5mm eyepiece to look at Jupiter at 100X I can clearly see Jupiter’s major cloud bands as well as its four moons. When I look at the Moon and stars I can easily push the magnification to 200X with an optional 6mm eyepiece. When I look at birds in the backyard, I’m treated to delightful views full of vibrant color and crisp detail. With a close focus distance of only 15 feet, the detail and texture I see is simply amazing.       


 Pros:   Compact and portable  Excellent high power optics  Upgradeable with 1.25” eyepieces  One 32mm poll eyepiece Backpack included for storage finderscope included Mounting plate-can be mounted on a photo tripod or on a equatorial mount-user supplied. Adaptable for astronomy and photography  Cons: Not waterproof      



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