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The 90 mm aperture admits a lot of light into the beginners telescope and thus ensures a good resolution. In addition, 90mm aperture and 900 mm focal length result in an extremely large focal ratio (ratio of aperture to focal length) of 1 to 10 (F/10). The impressive result : a very sharp image with excellent contrast. Moon, Sun (using a Solar Filter) and planets - especially the celestial bodies in our immediate vicinity are more than worth a look through the BRESSER Messier AR 90/900 EQ30 telescope for beginners.The telescope comes with a height adjustable aluminum tripod and an equatorial EQ-30 mount - the perfect basis for your exploration of the universe
BRAND    Bresser - Germany
Optical Design    Refractor
Mirror / Lens Dia    90mm
Focal Length    900mm
Mount Type    EQ 30 Mount
Tripod    ST1 Steel Tripod
Finder Scope    Red Dot Finder (No Warranty)
Optical Coating    FMC
Diagonal    90 Deg Erect Image Diagonal
Focal Ratio    10
Eyepiece    Kellner 20mm + Kellner 10mm 1.25"
Barlow    3x Barlow 1.25"

BRESSER SpaceExplorer 90/900 EQ3 Refractor Telescope


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