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1.25" Smart Webcam 2.0MP WIFI Electronic Eyepiece CMOS Smart USB Digital Astronomy Monocular Telescope Camera Ocular Lens 



This is a high performance web digital product guaranteed by our technology and quality

It is a plug and play product for real-time data transmission to PC or smart phone via WIFI

It has a high resolution and fast transmission rate, it is nice-looking and easy to carry with you it just brings intimate and convenient life experience with your distant friends and families

Fun and useful WIFI eyepiece camera allows you to transmit the real-time view through your telescope to smart phone or PC, and capture great digital movies and images

Share the view of bright planets, the moon, and terrestrial targets through your telescope with friends, family, and fellow astronomy enthusiasts

Very versatile - fits into any 1.25-Inch telescope


Wireless network connection, WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Set-up) function

Using APP (IOS, Android) software, quick WPS tecnology to see the video, enjoy the new technology "wireless" space and convenience, bid farewell to the traditional "wired" limitations and inconvenience

OSD function, real-time video transmission, mobile detection, mobile detection alarm center reminders and pop-up screen linkage, JPEG capture; Unified client remote monitoring software, MYEYE software and other system applications

Cloud services, network penetration, sending alarm information to mobile phone etc

H.264 video encoding, dual stream, AVI format, adjustable stream 0.1M ~ 6Mpbs, adjustable frame rate 1 ~ 25 frames / sec

DC5V power input interface, power bank is available

Weight: 205g/7.23oz

1.25" Smart Webcam 2.0MP WIFI Electronic Eyepiece CMOS Smart USB Digital Astrono


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