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  • Binoculars and nature and birdwatching
  • 10x magnification; 42 mm lens diameter
  • Waterproof;  multi coating; BaK-4 glass material
  • Dimensions: 155 x 130 x 55 mm / Weight: 690 g
  • Includes: Binoculars, neck strap, case, cloth protective caps
  • Central focusing wheel; field of view: approx. 101 metres at 1000 metres
  • Twist-up eyecups for glasses wearers
  • Dioptre adjustment
  • Filled with nitrogen to prevent the insides of the lenses from fogging up

Get ready for your next nature adventure with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Explorer 10x42 binoculars! Whether you're trekking, camping or birdwatching, the binoculars will give you a close-up view of your discoveries at 10x magnification. At a distance of 800 metres, birds, foxes or other forest dwellers appear to be just 100 metres away. The biggest advantages of this relatively small magnification are the large 131-metre field of view at a distance of 1000 metres and the stable image, even without a tripod, enabling you to keep track of moving objects. The binoculars also have an intuitive central focusing wheel for quick focusing.


Explorer 10x42 binoculars - Bright and clear images

The compact roof-prism binoculars feature a 42 mm lens diameter, which lets in plenty of light to produce a clear and vivid image. The full multi-layer coating significantly reduces reflections and increases light transmission to ensure a bright image right through until twilight. Thanks to the premium BaK-4 glass material (barium crown glass), you can enjoy colour-true, highly detailed images of your favourite scenes. 


The ultimate pair of binoculars, with or without glasses

These practical binoculars are also the ideal companion for people with glasses. The twist-up eyecups allow you to adjust the distance between your eyes and the ocular lenses in no time. Meanwhile, the dioptre compensation of +/- 3 can be used to compensate for differences in vision between your left and right eyes.


Durable design

The Explorer 10x42 binoculars are guaranteed to become your long-lasting companion on exciting outdoor adventures. The rubber armouring provides a good grip and protects against impacts in case you fall over. Thanks to the waterproof design, you don’t need to worry about exposure to moisture. The binoculars are also filled with nitrogen to prevent the lenses from fogging up in poor weather conditions. When you’re out and about, you can hang the binoculars around your neck with the comfortable and wide neck strap for quick access when you spot an animal. After use, the binoculars can be stored in the case until your next nature-themed adventure.


Discover the wonders of the world up-close with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Explorer 10x42 binoculars!



Binoculars and nature and birdwatching

Optical design: Room-prism binoculars

Magnification: 10x

Lens diameter: 42 mm

Glass material: BaK4

Coating: Full multi-layer coating

Rubber armouring for optimal grip and protection


Filled with nitrogen to prevent the insides of the lenses from fogging up

Central focusing wheel for ease of use

Field of view: approx. 131 m (at a distance of 1000 m)

Twist-up eyecups for glasses wearers

Dioptre adjustment: +/- 2

Tripod connecting thread


Explorer 10x42 binoculars

Dust caps


Carry strap

Cleaning cloth

Instruction manual

National geographic 10x42mm Waterproof binoculars with a full multi-layer coatin

SKU: 10x42

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