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Kson Maksutov Cassegrain Mak (3.5 inch) 90mm-1200 mm with diagonal eyepieces with table top wooden stand


This is a perfect optical tube , powerful , yet portable and conquers big planets , comes with dovetail and can be attached to eq mount or to a simple camera tripod but sturdy at 5 kg load capacity




The KSON telescope Mak90  is a perfect gift for the novice amateur astronomy. With it, you can observe the lunar craters, study the phases of Venus and Mercury, watch dozens of star clusters and nebulas. Even if the weather is not favorable for astronomical observations, the telescope KSON Mak90 will do for you - it is convenient to look at very distant terrestrial objects. Due to the small size of the telescope, it is easy to take with you on the nature - away from the glare of city you can see the night sky in all its glory. 


The telescope is assembled on the mirror-lens scheme, so that at long focal lengths the tube is turned out quite compact. Optics made of high quality glass. On the mirror surfaces are treated with a reflective aluminum coating and lens elements are coated with multi-layers of anti-reflective multi-coating - this combination allows you to obtain perfectly clear and sharp image without distortion.


The telescope is equipped with a red dot finder - with the help of convenient search for objects for observation use day and night. It includes two eyepieces: Kellner 25mm,  10mm. Start observation is always better with an eyepiece with a long focal length - it gives you a larger field of view and is perfect for finding the celestial bodies. The second eyepiece allows you to study astronomical objects with great magnification.




• optical tube assy: F1250x90mm

• Full length Camera tripod for quick easy setup and portability

• 1.25” Kellner eyepiece 25mm (48x)  and Kellner 10mm(120x power)-Max power possible 220x

• 1.25” diagonal mirror

• Red dot finder

Includes Mobile adapter , 2x barlow now.

Shipping weight-2.5 kg

Shipping dimension-32*20*16cm

Kson Maksutov Cassegrain Mak (3.5 inch) 90mm-1200 mm with diagonal eyepieces wit


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