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Kson 95mm-800mm az reflector telescope with barlow,deluxe package with -mobile adapter ,moon filter sun filter,flash light




The KSON KTE80095U optical tube assembly features an 800mm focal length. The primary mirror is 95mm in diameter and features a heavy duty mirror cell with push / pull collimation screws. The KSON KTE80095U is mounted on an altitude azimuth yoke mount. The mount features a slow motion altitude adjustment rod for precision adjustments and is attached to a very sturdy, fully adjustable, pre-assembled metal tripod with retractable rubber feet. The tripod also features an accessory tray with slots to place 4 1.25” eyepieces or lenses. The finder is KSON's 3x20 crosshai Finder which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects. Included with it are a 1.25” 6mm eyepiece and a 1.25” 20mm eyepiece and a 3x Barlow.


Lastly, the KSON KTE80095U reflecting telescope is very easy to set up and use, yet it still yields high-quality views of observed objects and, more importantly, it comes at a very reasonable price. The optical design of this telescope eliminates chromatic aberration, which is common in most refracting telescopes and is especially noticeable during observations of brighter objects. The KSON  includes everything you will need to begin your observations. The 95mm primary mirror gathers up to 130 times more light than the naked eye, and is capable of showing you many objects in the Solar System and beyond: lunar craters and maria, phases of Venus, the planetary disk of Jupiter and four of its moons, rings of Saturn, Titan, binary stars and star clusters, and even bright nebulae and galaxies.




KTE80080U Features:


1. this is 800mm focal length, 95mm aperture (10.8% more light gethering than 76mm), F800x895;


2. higher Alumimiun coating on mirror plus hard coating to protect reflecting coating for longer use time;


3. different color may be available per customized design;


4. hand craft mirror to ensure diffraction limit quality (1/4 wave at least);


5. 100% artificial star test in assembly;


6. 1.25" eyepiece: F 20, F6mm


7. 3x Barlow, to magify the power may 200x Max power;


8. 1.25” helical rack & pinion focus and tube;


10. 3x20 Finder with reticle , includes moon filter, mobile adapter , 


11. Tubing tripod legs, diameter 28.4mm and 25.4mm legs, with triangle accessory tray, to ensure sturdy viewing experience.


Model KTE80080U

Brand KSON

Type Alt-Az Yoke Mount Reflector Telescope

Diameter of the Objective Lens 95mm

Focal Length f800

Focal Ratio




Magnification 40/133

Barlow 3x


1.25" Rack & Pinion Focuser


19mm Mars-Eye Finder(19mm Red Dot Finder)






contact -9142455526 (ANKUSH) ; DEEPAK-9102067199 for any queries..

Kson 95mm-800mm az reflector telescope with sun filter,flash light


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