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Product description
His erecting eyepiece flips the image you see right-side-up. As you may know, Reflector Telescope use mirrors to collect light which means they usually project an “upside-down” image. When you are looking into space, this is insignificant because there is no upside-down in Space. However, if you want to use you telescope during the day to look at things here on Earth, you will probably want the image flipped back the right way. This eyepiece is compatible with any telescope or optical device that uses a standard 1.25 inch diameter eyepiece. Your image is inverted and magnified 1.5 times.
Compatible With 1.25 inch Telescope Eyepieces & Focusers
1.5x Magnification Increase
Use Your Reflector Telescope For Daytime Viewing
Flips Images Right-Side Up
Great Add-On For Telescope Beginners
Magnification: 1.5X
Port size: 1.25 inches
Material: plastic
Color: Black
Net weight: 65g

Package Include:
1 x 1.5X Plastic Barlow Lens

kson 1.25" 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece Barlow Lens For 1.25 Inch Port Astronomical


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