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Explore Scientific Es 52° Eyepiece 3.0mm Astronomical Telescope Ultra Wide Angle Professional Argon Waterproof Eyepiec


Brand new & high quality

The new focal length and the 3mm 52° series of eyepieces have joined the Explore Scientific series of inert gas purifying and waterproof eyepieces. This eyepiece can be used in conjunction with the ED80mm f/6 interval triple lens "snatch away", which can produce a 160x eyepiece, which performs very well under good sight conditions. On the ED152 of f/8, for those nights with almost perfect eyesight, the 405X shooting effect can be achieved without the use of Focal Extender or Barlow, and it has a very comfortable 15mm eyeball release.


Explore Scientific 3mm 52° series waterproof eyepieces are specially designed for high-power coaxial observation. They are completely coated with EMD (enhanced multi-layer deposition) and coated with black-edged lenses, which can provide high-power planets at close distances. Contrast binary stars required for power observation, as well as bright and compact deep sky objects. These eyepieces have a 52-degree field of view and provide incredible value.


Focal length 3 mm

Length 90.9 mm

Width 43 mm

Weight 204.1g; 7.2oz

Barrel size/type 1.25" outer diameter/double taper

Eye relief 15 mm

Field stop diameter 2.7 mm

Coating: EMD (enhanced multi-layer deposition) from all lenses to the air surface

Lens element/group 6 elements in 3 groups; blackened edges

Filter line fits the thread in the standard 1.25 inch diameter filter (1.125 inch x 42 TPI)

The argon gas sealed by the waterproof O-ring has been purged; tested under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes

Eye mask Removable soft silicone

The lens cover slides up and down

Material Optical glass; aluminum; steel; silicone rubber

Explore Scientific Es 52° Eyepiece 3.0mm Astronomical Telescope Ultra Wide Angle


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