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KSON Dobsonian 160MM-1300MM Focal length Telescope with barlow and mobile phone adapter




The KSON KDB1300160 Dobsonian telescope combines a large aperture telescope and ease of use at an affordable price. The Altitude Azimuth Dobsonian base is so easy to use you will amaze yourself as well as friends and family the first night you use it. Plus, not only will the KSON Dobsonian telescope produce beautiful astronomical images, it will also beautify your home. The telescope itself is finished in KSON's handsome Black Granite with a matte black finish Dobsonian swivel base making it as beautiful as it is easy to use.


The KSON KDB1300160 optical tube assembly features a 1300mm focal length x 160mm diameter primary mirror and features a heavy duty mirror cell with push / pull collimation screws. The primary mirror is fully aluminized with 92% reflectivity and has a Silicon Monoxide Quartz overcoat which protects the coating. The 160mm diameter mirror provides a resolving power of .72 arc seconds. The secondary mirror has an obstruction of approximately 25% linear (approximately 6% of the total area). The optical tube assembly is diffraction limited at λ4 (1/4 wave in Sodium light). The focuser is a 2″ format metal helical rack and pinion focuser with a 2″ to 1¼″ adapter to enable the use of larger 2″ eyepieces. The finderscope is KSON's electronic Finderscope which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects.


Included with the KSON KDB1300160 are a 1¼″ 25mm Astroscopic eyepiece, a 1¼″ 10mm Kellner eyepiece and a 3x 2-element Achromatic Barlow lens. The 25mm is a 3 element, fully color corrected, modified Rank Kasspheric eyepiece with an apparent field of view of 52°. The 10mm Kellner eyepiece is a 4 element fully color corrected eyepiece with an apparent field of view of 52°.

1300mm x 160mm Optical Tube Assembly

Easy to use Dobsonian mount in Handsome Matte Black Finish

Diffraction limited Optical Tube Assembly (λ4)

KSON Electronic Red Dot Finder

Large 2″ Metal Helical Rack & Pinion Focuser

2″ to 1¼″ Adapter

25mm Astroscopic Eyepiece

10mm Kellner Eyepiece

3x 2-element Achromatic Barlow
sun filter,flash light


contact -9142455526 (ANKUSH) ; DEEPAK-9102067199 for any queries..

KSON Dobsonian 160MM-1300MM Telescope with barlow sun filter,flash light


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