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Kson 150mm-1400 eq4 newtonian reflector telescope with barlow kellner eyepieces ,Barlow, moon filter,2 inch eyepiece,6x30 finder,solar filter with RA Motor drive


Better focal length than celestron astromaster 130 or any 150mm and better ,heavy sturdy mount than astromaster 130.



The KSON KTE1400150EQ4 reflector Telescope is mounted on a German Equatorial mount. The mount features very solid metal construction, setting circles and locking knobs in declination and right ascension, counter balance shaft and weights, latitude adjuster, and slow motion controls with detachable flex cables in both axis, enabling precision micro vertical and horizontal manual tracking. A motor drive can also be attached for added tracking capability (motor drive sold separately). The Mount is attached to a very sturdy, fully adjustable, pre-assembled metal tripod with retractable rubber feet. The telescope attaches to the EQ mount by an adjustable tube clamp which in combination with the adjustable counter balance weights ensures easy fluid movement of the telescope at all times. 


The KSON  KTE1400150EQ4 optical tube assembly features a 1400mm focal length. The objective lens is a hand-crafted  150mm mirror with higher reflectivity coating, surface is protected by SiO2 coating. The tube itself is Zinc-plated steel, painted flat black internally for excellent visual and CCD imaging. It has a resolving power of 0.86 arc seconds. The optical tube assembly is diffraction limited at λ4 (1/4 wave in Sodium light). The tripod also features an accessory tray with slots to place for 1.25” eyepieces or 2 inch . The telescope is equipped with a KSON red dot finder - with the help of convenient which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects.


 It includes two eyepieces: 2” Kellner 32mm and Kellner 1.25 inch  10mm and a 3x 2-element Achromatic Barlow.

Start observation with Kellner 25mm eyepiece is always better with a long focal length eyepiece - it gives you a larger and brighter field of view and is perfect for finding the celestial bodies. The second eyepiece allows you to study astronomical objects with great magnification.

The 150mm primary mirror gathers up to 452 times more light than the naked eye, and is capable of showing you many objects in the Solar System and beyond: lunar craters and maria, phases of Venus, the planetary disk of Jupiter and four of its moons, rings of Saturn, Titan, binary stars and star clusters, and even nebulae and galaxies of deep sky objects.



1400mm x 150mm Optical Tube Assembly, with higher reflectivity Aluminum coating and SiO2 protection coating.

Diffraction limited Optical Tube Assembly (λ/4)

Equatorial mount features simultaneous slow motion R.A and DEC adjustments

Fully Adjustable, Pre-assembled KT-7 Metal Tripod with 38mm and 32mm diameter legs, stable-enhanced accessory tray with slots to place 4 1.25” eyepieces or 2 inch lenses, retractable and adjustable rubber feet for different ground.

Red Dot Electronic Finder with bright and dim switch control for daytime and night time use.

Two inch″ 32mm Eyepieces: Kellner 10mm 

3x 2-element Achromatic Barlow which magnifies power three times with less false color

1.25” metal Helical rack and pinion focuser

Carton size: 90X48X30cm

Quantity: 1pc

Gross. Weight: 18.5kg



Kson 150mm-1400 eq4 newtonian reflector telescope with RA MOTOR DRIVE

SKU: k150-1400 md

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