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Celestron NexStar 8SE 203mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain GoTo Telescope

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Representing the largest aperture in the series and drawing in more light to see deeper into space than smaller versions, Celestron's NexStar 8SE 203mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain GoTo Telescope is a powerful yet portable scope that can be used for observing everything from the Moon and planets to deep-sky objects like stars, galaxies and nebulae, while maintaining the user-friendly interface of the SE series. Using Celestron's proprietary StarBright XLT multi-coating system, light transmission is increased throughout the entire optical path with anti-reflection multi-coated lenses, highly reflective multi-coated mirrors, and crown optical glass elements. While the focal ratio is a relatively slow f/10, the mount's precision tracking system allows it to be a competent shorter-exposure astrophotography imaging platform for the Moon and planets.

Driving the dual servo motors on the mount is the brain of the NexStar 8SE: the iconic NexStar+ computer hand controller. Packed with 40,000+ celestial objects, it can hold up to 100 additional user-defined destinations and is updatable via the Celestron website. It has multiple alignment procedures to get you observing fast, including the super-easy SkyAlign system. Capable of being used in the northern or southern Hemispheres, the NexStar has sidereal, lunar, and solar tracking speeds to accurately follow near- and deep-sky objects, plus nine slew speeds and the ability to automatically trigger a camera's shutter release for Fastar or piggyback wide-field photography or conventional prime-focus astrophotography.



8" (203.2mm) aperture

f/10 focal ratio

2032mm focal length

Crown optical glass primary mirror

StarBright XLT optical coatings: Multi-layer aluminum/SiO2 (quartz)/TiO2 (titanium dioxide) mirror coatings with flat reflectivity across the light spectrum for both astrophotography/astroimaging and visual observation

Multi-layer MgF2 (magnesium fluoride) and HfO2 (hafnium dioxide) anti-reflective lens coatings

High-transmission water white glass corrector lens with 97.4% light transmission

Internal focusing mechanism

Resolution: 0.69 arcsec (Rayleigh); 0.57 arcsec (Dawes)

Secondary mirror obstruction: 2.5"; 31% by diameter; 9.77% by area

Fastar capability: Secondary mirror can be removed and a DSLR or imaging rig mounted in its place for fast wide-field astrophotography

NexStar+ Computer Controller

2-line, 16-character LCD display

19 fiber optic backlit red LED buttons

Database of over 40,000 celestial objects plus 100 user defined

Automatically slew to planets, stars, constellations, and a variety of catalogs

Camera control: For piggyback wide-field or conventional astrophotography through the optical tube assembly, the controller can automatically trigger the shutter release to capture the image

Anti-backlash compensation programs out play between gears for more precise tracking

Tour Mode: Shows a selection of the most popular objects for the time and date you are observing

Constellation Tour: Allows you to take a tour of all the best objects within a particular constellation

Alignment procedures: SkyAlign, Auto 2-Star, 1-Star, 2-Star, and Solar System

SkyAlign alignment: Takes minutes, with minimal effort or experience—point the telescope at three bright objects in the sky, and the telescope does the rest

Nine slew speeds: 5°/sec, 3°/sec, 1°/sec, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, and 64x

Sidereal, Solar, and Lunar tracking rates for observing the fast-moving Moon, to slower-moving deep-space subjects

Tracking modes: Alt-Az, EQ North, EQ South, Off (no tracking when using as a terrestrial spotting scope)

RS-232 communication port allows for computer control

Flash updatable via the Celestron website

Database Details:

Solar system objects including the Sun, Moon, and planets

Named objects

Stars: Asterims, variable stars, double stars, named stars

Caldwell catalog

Messier catalog

NGC catalog

SAO catalog


Mount & Tripod


Single-fork alt-az

Dual-axis servo motors allow for precise tracking with virtually no vibration

Motor resolution: 0.26 arcsec

Optical encoders track mount movement to improve tracking and GoTo accuracy while allowing the mount to maintain alignment when moved manually

Communication ports: Autoguider port, Aux port, hand con